Fools Rush In

Series 2 - Episode 9 Fools Rush In



You have to admire this crackpot series’ ability to contrive odd scenarios that just about make sense within the confines of the show but in any other would be laughed out of town.

Without giving too much away, this episode's case for the LAPD cops involves hackers, Hollywood bus tours, a conspiracy theorist and Elvis secretly controlling the traffic lights. Naturally, it comes to a head with a whopping car chase.

But who cares about the case when Riggs’s love life is taking off, or threatening to, if he doesn’t clam up with Molly? “She deserves normal, which I’m never gonna be that [sic],” he worries (aloud, to an armed suspect). And as Molly, Kristen Gutoskie is all good news.


The discovery of a corpse in a dumpster leads Riggs and Murtaugh to the apartment of a man apparently obsessed with investigating conspiracies. Away from the day job, Trish scores an interview with Dr Weir, the admissions gate-keeper for prestigious pre-school Kellogg, and she and Murtaugh try to get Harper accepted. Meanwhile, Riggs' relationship with Molly evolves as the pair enjoy a sightseeing date. Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayans star.

Cast & Crew

Roger Murtaugh Damon Wayans
Martin Riggs Clayne Crawford
Maureen Cahill Jordana Brewster
Trish Murtaugh Keesha Sharp
Bernard Scorsese Johnathan Fernandez
Sonya Bailey Michelle Mitchenor
Molly Hendricks Kristen Gutoskie
Jonah Canter Derek Richardson
Marla Weir Alexie Gilmore
Andi Canter Fiona Gubelmann
Kate Scarlett Fernandez
Kumail Rishi Arya
Randy Tim Braun
Janice Sarah Benoit
Tour guide David Magidoff
Director Eric Laneuville
Executive Producer Matt Miller
Executive Producer McG
Executive Producer Jennifer Gwartz
Executive Producer Dan Lin
Producer Joshua Levy
Producer Marc David Alpert
Writer Kyle Warren
Writer Eileen Jones
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