Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators

Ill Met by Moonlight

Series 1 - Episode 10 Ill Met by Moonlight



Frank and Lu must recover a precious jewel and a rebellious teenager before midnight strikes at Lady Bede's End of Summer Ball. Mark Benton stars.

Cast & Crew

Frank Hathaway Mark Benton
Luella Shakespeare Jo Joyner
Sebastian Brudenell Patrick Walshe McBride
DI Marlowe Amber Aga
Spider Darren Evans
Ron Greenvale Sean Gleeson
Dimitri Erasmus Tom Lewis
Mia Bede Scarlett Murphy
Helen Nedarson Shaniqua Okwok
Lee Sandridge Marcus Rutherford
Lady Tania Bede Anna Wilson-Jones
Ajay Matharu Asheq Akhtar
Director Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Ella Kelly
Writer Kit Lambert
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Drama Comedy