Room 101

Series 7 - Episode 7



If you haven’t been getting enough of former Spice Girl Geri Horner on the telly from BBC talent show All Together Now, she’s also popped in for a visit to Frank Skinner’s warehouse of whinge, where she sits alongside comedians Katherine Ryan and Adam Buxton as they each try to get their pet hates locked away forever.

People hoping for goss about Geri’s former bandmates may find themselves disappointed, however, as she’s more concerned with her hatred of broken pens and, weirdly, the very concept of guilt, both of which she tries to get put away. Still, with a Spice Girls reunion coming up we’re sure Geri will have much more to complain about on any return visits.


Frank Skinner invites singer Geri Horner and comedians Katherine Ryan and Adam Buxton to express their anger over individuals, events and objects that upset them, hoping to curry the host's favour and see them consigned to oblivion. Their gripes include phone calls, pens that fail to work properly and marathons.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Contributor Katherine Ryan
Contributor Geri Horner
Contributor Adam Buxton
Director Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Ruby Kuraishe
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Emily Pickthall
Series Producer Jordan Read
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