Series 1 - Episode 1 Ato



An excellently grabby opening launches Walter’s latest import, this time from Belgium. We’re in Antwerp, and by way of introduction to local police superintendent Liese Meerhout, we see her sweat a fellow officer in order to solve the riddle of a car crash in which her chief constable was involved – all in double-quick time.

After that we’re into a pleasantly concise procedural as Liese and her team probe the murder of an investigative journalist found suffocated, with a rag doll by the corpse. The drama is neatly pieced together, with that grey, flat, affectless cool of some Euro cop shows.

In time it looks as though the quirks of Liese’s subordinates will come more into focus. Some of her own already have: she drives a great old yellow Mercedes, goes to gay nightclubs and plays a drum kit to relax. Like most senior Belgian cops, I imagine.


New series. A straight-talking superintendent leads the homicide division of Antwerp's police force, going to great lengths to ensure justice is served - even if it means pushing boundaries and bending rules. The body of a news-hungry journalist is found near the harbour, with all the clues pointing towards a criminal network of smugglers. When a second body is discovered, Superintendent Liese Meerhout and her team find themselves in a race against time before the killer strikes again. Belgian detective drama, starring Hilde De Baerdemaeker. In Flemish.

Cast & Crew

Liese Meerhout Hilde De Baerdemaeker
Michel Masson Luk Wyns
Sofie Jacobs Lotte Pinoy
Laurent Vandenbergh Bert Verbeke
Fabian Steppe Joris Hessels
Paul Meerhout Arnold Willems
Frank Torfs Rudy Morren
Steven Magits Dirk Tuypens
Catherine Smets Hilde Heijnen
Nick Titus de Voogdt
Police Chief Manaerts Hugues De Somere
Ato Osungwe Jean-Fidele Thomas
Dennis Van Ampe Koen Janssen
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