Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Big House - Part One

Series 5 - Episode 1 The Big House - Part One



There’s no question that no-nonsense police captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher) is Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s secret weapon, and he gets time to shine here as we learn about another of his eccentricities – a gambling addiction that begins to resurface when he goes under cover.

Meanwhile, in the second episode of this double bill, Jake and Amy (Andy Samberg and Melissa Fumero) try to find the perfect venue for their wedding, only to find one of their most hated foes – arrest-stealing cop the Vulture, aka guest star Dean Winters – has snapped up the plum spot ahead of them.

Still, with a little detective work, the pair find that they might have just the evidence to force the Vulture to give up his wedding date – just so long as they don’t mind breaking his fiancée’s heart into the bargain...


Part one of two. Peralta and Diaz adjust to life behind bars, but while Jake is forced to join a prison gang led by notorious inmate Romero, Rosa puts Captain Holt and Sgt Jeffords to the test by making outrageous lists of chores for her.

Cast & Crew

Det Jake Peralta Andy Samberg
Det Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz
Sgt Terry Jeffords Terry Crews
Det Amy Santiago Melissa Fumero
Det Charles Boyle Joe Lo Truglio
Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti
Capt Ray Holt Andre Braugher
Det Hitchcock Dirk Blocker
Scully Joel McKinnon Miller
Caleb Tim Meadows
Jeff Romero Lou Diamond Phillips
Warden Granville Toby Huss
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