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The Nightmare Begins

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Nightmare Begins

Today 1pm - 2pm Pick


Morgana begins to wonder whether she has magic powers, but Gaius insists she remain ignorant of her potential for her own good. Merlin refuses to accept the decision, and in wilfully disobeying his master, he reunites Morgana with Mordred, the boy the Dragon predicts will one day kill Arthur. Drama, starring Katie McGrath, Richard Wilson and Colin Morgan, with Colin Salmon.

Cast & Crew

Aglain Colin Salmon
Merlin Colin Morgan
Uther Pendragon Anthony Head
Gaius Richard Wilson
Voice of the Dragon John Hurt
Arthur Bradley James
Gwen Angel Coulby
Mordred Asa Butterfield
Forridel Beth Cordingly
Sir Leon Rupert Young
Morgana Katie McGrath
Director Jeremy Webb
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Ben Vanstone
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