The Witch's Quickening

Series 2 - Episode 11 The Witch's Quickening



A ruthless warlock sends Mordred to steal a priceless magical relic Uther has locked deep within Camelot's vaults, relying on Morgana's bond with the boy to keep him safe on his mission. Though many have died trying to get their hands on the Crystal of Neahtid in the past, the true power of the ancient artefact is beyond even Merlin's imagination. Joseph Mawle (Jesus in The Passion) guest stars, with Katie McGrath.

Cast & Crew

Merlin Colin Morgan
Gaius Richard Wilson
Uther Pendragon Anthony Head
Alvarr Joseph Mawle
Voice of the Dragon John Hurt
Arthur Bradley James
Morgana Katie McGrath
Gwen Angel Coulby
Mordred Asa Butterfield
Enmyria Emily Beecham
Sir Radnor Jonathan Bryan
Guard Chris McGill
Director Alice Troughton
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Jake Michie
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