Series 3 - Episode 4 Gwaine



An enigmatic man steps in to help Merlin and Arthur when they find themselves outnumbered in a tavern brawl. Risking his life to protect the prince, the stranger is seriously wounded and taken back to Camelot, where he quickly makes a recovery and begins drinking, charming the ladies and causing trouble for Merlin. Guest starring Eoin Macken.

Cast & Crew

Merlin Colin Morgan
Arthur Bradley James
Gaius Richard Wilson
Uther Pendragon Anthony Head
Sir Gwaine Eoin Macken
Sir Ethan Philip Brodie
Sir Oswald John Hopkins
Gwen Angel Coulby
Morgana Katie McGrath
Voice of the Dragon John Hurt
Dagr Andrew Vincent
Ebor Shend
Sir Leon Rupert Young
Cylferth Bill Thomas
Mary Sarah Counsell
Inn keeper Jonathan Emmett
Director David Moore
Producer Johnny Capps
Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Julian Jones
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