The Beginning of the End

Series 1 - Episode 8 The Beginning of the End



A druid and his boy apprentice are discovered in Camelot and try to avoid capture. The elder is caught and executed, but Merlin hears the juvenile's telepathic cries for help. Despite the Great Dragon's warnings to be wary, Merlin risks his life to protect the youngster, putting Arthur in danger.

Cast & Crew

Voice of the Dragon John Hurt
Merlin Colin Morgan
Gaius Richard Wilson
Uther Pendragon Anthony Head
Mordred Asa Butterfield
Morgana Katie McGrath
Arthur Bradley James
Gwen Angel Coulby
Cerdan Alun Raglan
Guard 1 Jamie Kenna
Guard 2 Christian Bradley
Iseldir Trevor Sellers
Stallholder Michael Burgess
Director Jeremy Webb
Producer Johnny Capps
Producer Julian Murphy
Writer Howard Overman
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