The Supervet

Series 11 - Episode 2

Wednesday 1am - 1:55am Channel 4
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Mon 16 Dec, 2:55am - 3:55am 4seven


Exactly where the emotional pull of this series comes from can vary. Normally it’s the bond between a person and their ailing pet, which they love as if it were a child. This week that’s Rusty, a one-year-old rescue dog whose hips and knees are dislocated, requiring elaborate surgery that’s fascinating for us but terrifying for Rusty’s owners, as we see from their faces when Dr Noel Fitzpatrick warns them she might not survive.

Sometimes it’s just a question of spreading happiness, as with Doug the pug, whose spinal cord cyst is stopping him from having Instagrammable fun with his young owner. And sometimes there’s something more serious going on: Buster, a bulldog with joint problems, is brought in by Rachel, whose own respiratory condition is worsening. The hope is that they can help each other recover.


An overweight bulldog needs an operation on his knees, but first Noel and the team must fix his breathing defect - a a common problem with flat face breeds. Elsewhere, a pug requires risky emergency spinal surgery to remove a cyst, and a rescue dog with hip dysplasia may have to be let go while under anaesthetic.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland
Producer Rachel Hobday
Producer Claire O'Connor
Series Director James Bainbridge
Series Producer James Bainbridge