When Tom Hanks calls someone “a cultural institution”, you tend to listen. But when that someone is an elderly, bearded, former down-and-out, who cycles around New York film sets with a boom box around his neck, has 100 movie appearances to his name (usually as a background extra) and is known to the Hollywood glitterati, then you want to know more.

Radioman is Craig Castaldo, and he's the affable subject of this captivating, slice-of-life documentary. Cherished by such stars as Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren, Johnny Depp and Robin Williams (who would have been a shoo-in to play him in a biopic), Castaldo muses on his alcoholism, homelessness and a spell in hospital. But what really comes across here is an amiable eccentric’s genuine love of the movies.


The story of a homeless man living on the streets of New York who became widely known for making more than 100 cameo appearances in films and TV shows.