Britain at Low Tide

The Clyde

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Clyde



Stuck in the mud and visible when the Clyde recedes are the remains of wrecked boats, and some concentric rock circles that look as if they’ve been there for ever but are too neat not to have been made by local hands. These are the mysteries investigated in this episode by Dr Tori Herridge, a determinedly unpretentious presenter who’s content to let various academics and amateur enthusiasts share what they’ve deduced without interruption or superfluous repetition.

The story of the boats is the story of the city of Glasgow, developing as a commercial hub, demanding the river get deeper and wider. The rock circles are even more engrossing, providing evidence of human endeavour and ingenuity that makes people from 2,000 years ago feel as if they’re within reach.


Tori Herridge explores more tales of Britain's rich maritime history, this time visiting the banks of the Clyde. In Glasgow, she finds evidence of a busy Iron Age waterway and an enormous wall built to channel the water, illustrating the complex relationship between the city and the river it was built upon. She also discovers an oddly shaped vessel in a boat graveyard that would have been instrumental in constructing the wall.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Tori Herridge
Director Catherine Abbott
Executive Producer Harry Bell
Executive Producer Brendan Hughes
Series Producer Michael Waterhouse
Documentary Science