Electric Dreams: The Father Thing

Electric Dreams: The Father Thing

Series 1



The sci-fi anthology returns with a version of Philip K Dick’s short story The Father-Thing. That was published in 1954, the same year as the serialisation of the novel that inspired the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers – and if you’ve seen that or just know the premise of it, you can skip this. Jack Gore and Greg Kinnear are both excellent as a young boy and his dad, shadowed by the threat of marital strife until the kid starts to have more serious concerns.

A possible theme about children fearing the loss of a divorcing parent never coalesces. Instead, as the boy calls on his mates for help, we veer into a half-cocked homage to Stranger Things. It’s a well performed, nicely shot dud.


Eleven-year-old Charlie Cotrell must make the most difficult decisions imaginable to protect his mother and the human race when he is among the first to realise that the homes of everyone on Earth are being infiltrated by an insidious extra-terrestrial threat. The return after a break of the sci-fi anthology featuring stories based on the works of Philip K Dick, with this instalment based on 1954 short story The Father-Thing and starring Greg Kinnear, Jack Gore, Mireille Enos and Shannon Brown.

Cast & Crew

The Father/The Father Thing Greg Kinnear
Charlie Cotrell Jack Gore
Rotko Shannon Brown
Detective Fernandez Alana Arenas
Mr Dick Terry Kinney
Principal Marc Grapey
Dylan Peretti Jack Lewis
Henry Peretti Zakk Paradise
The Mother/The Mother Thing Mireille Enos
Dashiell Cole Keriazakos
Tall bald man Philip Ghantous
Mr Daltry Brian Boland
The attendant Ryan Evans
Captain Miller Andrew Rothenberg
Golan Eric C Lynch
Umpire Steven Johnson
Director Michael Dinner
Executive Producer Michael Dinner
Executive Producer David Kanter
Executive Producer Matt DeRoss
Executive Producer Isa Hackett
Executive Producer Kalen Egan
Executive Producer Christopher Tricarico
Executive Producer Ronald D Moore
Executive Producer Maril Davis
Executive Producer Bryan Cranston
Executive Producer James Degus
Executive Producer Katie DiMento
Executive Producer Marigo Kehoe
Executive Producer Lila V Rawlings
Producer Lynn Horsford
Writer Michael Dinner
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