Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


Series 6 - Episode 6 Conscience



Benson and Stabler arrest a psychiatrist who has taken the law into his own hands and avenged his young son's death at the hands of another child. The case against him seems open and shut - but he mounts a clever defence, using his professional expertise in a bid to escape punishment. With guest star Kyle MacLachlan.

Cast & Crew

Det Elliot Stabler Christopher Meloni
Det Olivia Benson Mariska Hargitay
Det John Munch Richard Belzer
ADA Casey Novak Diane Neal
Dr Brett Morton Kyle MacLachlan
Det Odafin `Fin' Tutuola Ice-T
Dr George Huang BD Wong
Capt Donald Cragen Dann Florek
Chauncey Zierko Peter Riegert
Leslie O'Hara Johanna Day
Jake O'Hara Jordan Garrett
Billy Turner PJ Brown
Malcolm Wolinsky Bruce Kirkpatrick
Mrs Morton Kathleen McNenny
Dr Melinda Warner Tamara Tunie
Dr Burt Gleason Jeff Gurner
Theo Morton Brendan McVeigh
Director David Platt
Executive Producer Dick Wolf
Executive Producer Ted Kotcheff
Executive Producer Neal Baer
Executive Producer Peter Jankowski
Writer Roger Wolfson
Writer Robert Nathan
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