Series 5 - Episode 4 Colours



A Unity Mitford-type aristocratic fascist, Charity Mudford, addresses the Oxford Debating Society where she expounds her incendiary views on immigration.

Meanwhile, a camper van full of models arrives at an Army base, draping themselves over weaponry, and one young woman in particular makes eyes at the soldiers, including Fred Thursday’s son, Sam.

There’s a murder and the regiment closes ranks. It’s up to Morse to prise apart the ties of comradeship and loyalty to get to the truth. It’s another engrossing story from Russell Lewis, though it wears a wistful, elegiac air as Fred (Roger Allam) thinks about his past, and his future. And he and Win do a bit of ballroom dancing.


The detective drama prequel takes inspiration from an episode from Oxford's real-life history, in which Nation of Islam preacher and civil rights campaigner Marcus X was invited to speak at the Oxford Union in December 1964, less than two months before his assassination in New York. Here, Morse struggles to negotiate escalating social tensions as a protest at a hair salon exposes rapidly escalating racial unrest in the heart of the city. Meanwhile, a murder at an Army base threatens to unveil long-held secrets within the regiment. Guest starring Marcus Griffiths, with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam.

Cast & Crew

DS Endeavour Morse Shaun Evans
DCI Fred Thursday Roger Allam
Chief Supt Reginald Bright Anton Lesser
Dr Max DeBryn James Bradshaw
DS Jim Strange Sean Rigby
WPC Shirley Trewlove Dakota Blue Richards
DC George Fancy Lewis Peek
Sam Thursday Jack Bannon
Barker Steven Elder
Claudine Claire Ganaye
Lady Bayswater Caroline Goodall
Win Thursday Caroline O'Neill
Lt Col McDuff Ian Pirie
Maj Coward Robert Portal
Dr Rex Laidlaw Dominic Thorburn
Joan Thursday Sara Vickers
President Debating Society Jules Robertson
Marcus X Marcus Griffiths
Pte Oswald Ray Sesay
Pte Collier Lee Armstrong
Col Champion William Scott-Masson
2nd Lt Carmichael Bert Seymour
Kit Hutchens Greg Austin
Hazel Radowicz Rebecca Saire
Justin Farridge Sam Marks
CSM Davies Dominic Carter
Jean Ward Leo Hatton
Director Robert Quinn
Executive Producer Russell Lewis
Executive Producer Tom Mullens
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Producer Neil Duncan
Writer Russell Lewis
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