Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Series 5 - Episode 1



One of Britain’s most successful comic exports, John Oliver is back for a fifth season, addressing the camera from the comfort of his New York studio while riffing smartly on judiciously chosen news clips to a whooping, like-minded audience.

In 2016 Sky had to delay the broadcast of Oliver’s pro-Remain diatribe until after the EU Referendum polls closed. But with the Brexit ship now sailing, and Donald Trump (and his favourite news outlet, Fox) still providing more than enough material for his opponents, the satirical venom of this patron saint of the liberal left probably won’t be silenced again any time soon.


American talk show in which British comedian, actor and writer John Oliver presents a satirical look at the biggest news stories, political developments and pop culture events of the previous seven days. The topical series sees the former Daily Show reporter offer his distinct take on a variety of social, political and existential issues facing society.