Dear Dad

Series 6 - Episode 12 Dear Dad



The anniversary of his daughter's death causes Devalos to be haunted by memories of the traumatic event. Meanwhile, Allison has dreams of the extreme measures her friend took to put his child's killer in jail, and Bridgette meets an intriguing stranger while working at the library. Supernatural drama, starring Patricia Arquette and Miguel Sandoval.

Cast & Crew

Allison DuBois Patricia Arquette
Det Lee Scanlon David Cubitt
Ariel DuBois Sofia Vassilieva
Bridgette DuBois Maria Lark
Manuel Devalos Miguel Sandoval
Lily Devalos Roxanne Hart
Joe DuBois Jake Weber
Marie DuBois Madison Carabello
Deanna Whalen Erin Raftery
The Regal Man Rick Worthy
William Gerwin Will McCormack
Arianna Devalos Olivia Sandoval
Director Aaron Lipstadt
Writer Geoff Geib
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