Series 1 - Episode 5



Oh no, stick drawings! These never bode well in supernatural/horror stories, because they’ve invariably been drawn by children to represent something deeply spooky.

As is the case in Kris Mrksa’s terrific ghost story when the indomitable Matilda thinks she’s found hard evidence of little Carys Howell’s abduction and imprisonment in that oppressive manor house. Coupled with her reading about Elizabethan occultist Dr John Dee, Matilda is inching towards a solution to the mystery. 

But there’s still some way to go until Matilda learns what happened 23 years ago in that small, far too close-knit Welsh village, and she’ll have to wander into more dark woods and dismal hallways in next week’s finale as she gropes towards the truth.


In the light of a new discovery, Kendrick does everything in his power to reopen the case. Laura tries to warn Matilda that she is in grave and imminent danger, but the talented musician is starting to question who she can trust. Hal's blossoming romance with Trudy allows him to reflect on his relationship with Matilda and he resolves to get to the bottom of the Penllynith mystery once and for all. Graves becomes increasingly convinced that Ed and Aron are hiding something. Psychological thriller, starring Lydia Wilson.

Cast & Crew

Matilda Gray Lydia Wilson
Harlan Fine Joel Fry
Nick Dean James Frecheville
Verity Satlow Pippa Haywood
Sylvia Walsh Tara Fitzgerald
PS Graves Clare Calbraith
Aron Morgan Richard Harrington
Laura Anastasia Hille
Trudy Franken Sian Reese-Williams
Ed Fenton Dyfan Dwyfor
Lloyd Satlow Simon Kunz
Stephen Kendrick Brendan Coyle
David Morgan Brochan Evans
Kath Sonia Ritter
PC Shortly Darren Evans
Harry Franken Ifan Huw Dafydd
Celia Donna Berlin
Stan William Thomas
Sheila Christina Tam
Mrs Robson Caroline Berry
TV host Indra Ove
Clerk Simon Winkler
Director Mahalia Belo
Executive Producer Willow Grylls
Executive Producer Elaine Pyke
Executive Producer Charlie Pattinson
Producer Sue Breen
Writer Kris Mrksa
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