Series 4 - Episode 1



The grey water, the howling wind, the wheeling, screaming seagulls and that little, hunched grey house by the sea…we’re back in Shetland, with the achingly decent cop Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez.

“You can trust me if you’re telling the truth. If it’s not, you’ll wish you’ve never set eyes on me!” Now that’s fighting talk from Jimmy (Douglas Henshall) after a man jailed in 1993 for the murder of a woman islander is freed on appeal.

The ex-prisoner, Tommy Malone, who insists he is innocent, makes the possibly unwise decision to return to the home where he once lived with his now-dead mother. Inevitably, there’s another murder: another young woman, killed in the same way and found in almost identical circumstances. It’s not looking good for Malone.

Still, there’s some good news. The splendid Detective Sergeant “Tosh” McIntosh (Alison O’Donnell), after her hideous experience in the last series, is still on Shetland, and still at work.


New series. Return of the detective drama set on the Scottish archipelago. When Shetlander Thomas Malone has his murder conviction overturned after 23 years, which he's spent behind bars, Perez has to reopen an investigation into the 1994 death of local teenager Lizzie Kilmuir. Later, Perez gets a text from Cassie saying she is unexpectedly flying back to Shetland, so he and Duncan meet her at the airport. Starring Douglas Henshall, Stephen Walters and Alison O'Donnell.

Cast & Crew

DI Jimmy Perez Douglas Henshall
DS Alison `Tosh' McIntosh Alison O'Donnell
DC Sandy Wilson Steven Robertson
Duncan Hunter Mark Bonnar
Rhona Kelly Julie Graham
Cassie Perez Erin Armstrong
Thomas Malone Stephen Walters
Kate Kilmuir Neve McIntosh
Drew McColl Sean McGinley
Sally McColl Amy Lennox
Alan Killick Gerard Miller
Jo Halley Sophie Stone
Sgt Billy McCabe Lewis Howden
Donna Killick Fiona Bell
Gail Callahan Allison McKenzie
Molly Kilmuir Julia Brown
Cora Mclean Anne Kidd
Radio DJ Steven McNicoll
Alec MacBay Jimmy Chisholm
Hotel Manager Natali McCleary
Meg Hamilton Hannah Donaldson
Benny Ray Michael Moreland
Director Lee Haven Jones
Executive Producer Kate Bartlett
Executive Producer Gaynor Holmes
Producer Eric Coulter
Writer David Kane
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