Nazi Victory: The Post-War Plan

Hitler's British HQ

Series 1 - Episode 1 Hitler's British HQ



Dramas such as SS-GB have popularised speculation about what life might have been like under Nazi rule. This new history series by Guy Walters, however, is more concerned with the logistics of occupation, as revealed by Hitler’s own plans. It also draws on events that took place, telling dreadful stories of the concentration camp the Germans established on Alderney in the Channel Islands.

Mostly it’s a pacy, scattergun collection of facts, occasionally enhanced by OTT graphics – a swastika spins above a map of Bridgnorth, Shropshire, which might have been Hitler’s UK residence – and enthusiastic presentation. As Walters says of the info-gathering Hitler Youth bicycle excursions around Britain, which were common as late as 1937: “They weren’t cycling. They were spy-cling!”


Guy Walters explores Hitler's plans for the future after the Second World War, beginning by revealing what Britain under Nazi occupation would have looked like.

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Presenter Guy Walters