Rebecka Martinsson: Arctic Murders

Until Thy Wrath Be Past - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 4 Until Thy Wrath Be Past - Part One



This Swedish crime drama is lifted out of the ordinary by the astonishing Arctic Circle scenery, a brutally beautiful place where the cold kills and crime scenes are reached by cops on snowmobiles.

There’s a frightening, sinister opening sequence featuring a suffocatingly horrible murder when a young couple go diving beneath the surface of a frozen lake, looking for wreckage of some kind. It’s the sort of claustrophobia-inducing death that will have you gasping for air in sympathy. Rebecka Martinsson, who has returned to work as a prosecutor, is called in when a body eventually surfaces.

Meanwhile Mella, the capable local cop, is having problems with her sulky and resentful husband and a creepy family of leering locals.


Part one of two. A young diver is found dead under the ice of a frozen mountain lake, and the autopsy report casts doubt over the circumstances of her death. The woman's boyfriend, who also participated in the dive, cannot be found. The investigation leaves Anna-Maria Mella in an extremely compromising position during the hunt for the killer and the search for the boyfriend's body leads the team to make an unexpected discovery. Thriller, starring Ida Engvoll, Eva Melander and Thomas Oredsson. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Rebecka Martinsson Ida Engvoll
Anna Maria Mella Eva Melander
Sven-Erik Stalnacke Thomas Oredsson
Sivving Fjallborg Lars Lind
Lars Pohjanen Ville Virtanen
Krister Eriksson Jakob Ohrman
Mans Wenngren Niklas Engdahl
Alva Bjornfot Gunilla Roor
Carl von Post Samuel Froler
Fredrik Ohlsson Jonas Inde
Tommy Rantakyro Ardalan Esmaili
Simon Kyro Kristoffer Berglund
Wilma Persson Amanda Jansson
Johannes Svarvare Stefan Marling
Kertuu Krekula Christina Indrenius-Zalewski
Anni Autio Susanna Ringbom
Hjorleifur Arnarson Goran Forsmark
Hjalmar Krekula Antti Reini
Tore Krekula Robert Enckell
Goran Sillfors Lars Johansson
Karl-Ake Pantzare Manfred Negendanck
Isak Krekula Algot Ostman
Director Fredrik Edfeldt
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