Live Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony

Live Winter Olympics 2018 Opening Ceremony



The summer Games may be the bigger event, but it has nothing to match the thrills and chills you get from watching the Winter Olympics. Skiers tearing down a piste at 90 miles per hour. Snowboarders waving goodbye to gravity as they launch themselves skywards. Ice dancers smiling serenely as their partner flicks a razor-edged skate just millimetres from their face.

Each sport is a potent mix of discipline and daring, made even more remarkable by being so alien to most of us watching at home. Who knows what it’s like to compete in the two-man luge, where two men entwined on a tea tray hurtle down a tube of ice? What strange desire made someone look at a mountain and think, “I want to go up that on skis, not down it,” and become a cross country skier? It’s all glorious madness.


Clare Balding presents coverage from PyeongChang, South Korea, where the 23rd staging of the Games is officially declared open. Following a live performance produced by the tournament organisers, athletes from the countries competing at these Games will file into the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, including those from Ecuador, Eritrea, Kosovo, Malaysia, Nigeria and Singapore, who are all making their Winter Olympics debut, plus a contingent of Russian athletes who have applied to compete under the flag of the International Olympic Committee.

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