Friends and Lover

Series 9 - Episode 8 Friends and Lover



Encouraged by Jack to break out of their domestic laziness, the duo decide take a bread-making course. The teacher apparently believes that making loaves and making love are the same thing, giving both flatmates his number. Soon the seductive chef is carrying on affairs with both Will and Grace under the same roof - though neither is any the wiser of the other's interest. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen pick up an earworm - an infuriatingly catchy jingle from a commercial. Nick Offerman - Megan Mullally's real-life husband - guest stars, with regulars Mullally, Eric McCormack and Debra Messing.

Cast & Crew

Grace Adler Debra Messing
Will Truman Eric McCormack
Karen Walker Megan Mullally
Jack McFarland Sean Hayes
Jackson Boudreaux Nick Offerman
Debbie Sharon Sachs
Young Guy Sean Owens
Orderly Cody Rain Murray
Director James Burrows
Executive Producer David Kohan
Executive Producer Max Mutchnick
Executive Producer Jon Kinnally
Executive Producer Tracy Poust
Executive Producer Alex Herschlag
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