Earth's Natural Wonders

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Surviving with Animals

Series 2 - Episode 2 Surviving with Animals

Saturday 3pm - 4pm Yesterday
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Feeling stressed? Finding your daily grind taxing? Try the life of a reindeer herdsman in northern Siberia. The Nenets people of the Yamal peninsula have, by the looks of it, the most unforgiving existence you could imagine, especially at the time of year when, in temperatures of minus 20 degrees, they have to drive their herds 500 miles across the snow to “summer” pastures. You’ll never appreciate a centrally heated sitting room more.

That’s one of several fascinating glimpses into how people live with the wild landscape in remote corners of the globe. At its best, this series brings us settings and stories that feel worthy of a whole doc each. The sequence on a tribe in the jungles of central Africa going out to hunt with what looks like the world’s longest badminton net is amazing. And the guy who collects crocodile eggs in Australian swamps must have ice in his veins.


Focusing on the relationships between animals and people living in some of the world's most extraordinary natural wonders, this episode follows nomadic people from the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia, as they hunt one of the very few animals that can survive in this frozen environment, reindeer. Elsewhere, cameras observe a local ranger in the coastal salt marshes of Northern Australia's Arnhem Land, as he goes in search of the eggs of one of the world's most aggressive predators, the saltwater crocodile.

Cast & Crew

Director Russell Leven
Executive Producer Jane Aldous
Series Producer Jobim Sampson