The Biggest Little Railway in the World

The Biggest Little Railway in the World

Series 1 - Episode 4



“I can no longer hide the fact that this crazy project is at the point of unravelling,” admits Dick Strawbridge. This isn’t just trumped-up TV jeopardy, the crazy project has been unravelling almost from the moment it started. Which is why you admire the doughty engineers and hobbyists toiling away – sometimes through the night – to try to get a little model train across Scotland.

Where else on television would you hear phrases like “Deploy the winch!” or “We staggered the joints because didn’t want our flanges jumping”? There are lovely scenes as that amazing mini-viaduct over Aberchalder weir and the curving trestle bridge over the stream have their brief moment of glory.


The track approaches Inverness, but has to cross the 60-metre Aberchalder Viaduct first. Dick suggests switching the steam engine with an electric one, to the outrage of the purists on the team. An ingenious solution is developed to cross a flight of steps on the approach to the city. In the forests surrounding Loch Ness, the track laying team's spirits are flagging and Molly considers quitting the project.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dick Strawbridge
Executive Producer Richard McKerrow
Executive Producer Kieran Smith
Series Producer Tim Gaunt