Inside the Factory

Soft Drinks

Series 3 - Episode 6 Soft Drinks



This show always bombards us with facts and statistics, but you’ve got to love this one: the man who grows some of the 90 per cent of blackcurrants in Britain that end up in bottles of Ribena is called Josh Berry. How brilliant is that?

Following the production of this soft drink concentrate, Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey discover that it involves pumping back in the blackcurrant aroma that’s lost during the heating process.

Meanwhile, Ruth Goodman explores the history of carbonated drinks and learns that a certain Mr Schweppe first sold fizzy water in 1783, although it was a Mr R White and his wife Mary who popularised fizzy pop in 1890.


Gregg Wallace explores Ribena's Gloucestershire factory, which turns 90 per cent of Britain's blackcurrants into soft drinks, producing three million bottles a week. Meanwhile, Cherry Healey is harvesting the berries on a 543-acre farm in Kent - one of 40 that supply the factory. Plus, historian Ruth Goodman investigates the origins of fizzy drinks.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Presenter Cherry Healey
Contributor Ruth Goodman
Director Sam Bailey
Director Will Aspinall
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Executive Producer Alice Harper
Producer Emma Pound
Producer Will Aspinall
Producer Sam Bailey
Series Director Michael Rees
Series Producer Amanda Lyon
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