The Undateables

The Undateables

Series 8 - Episode 2



Stammerers all have their own personal sticky phrases and words, but an almost universal one is saying one’s own name, a moment when the gaze of those listening is inescapable. That makes dating hard, and it’s one reason why 22-year-old trainee accountant Nisar thinks he hasn’t yet found a partner. As the heart-lifting reality series continues, he’s trying to put that right.

Fatima is the same age as Nisar and has the same job, yet has a radically different personality: she’s a flamboyant fashionista who loves attention. She hopes to meet a man who can cope with that, and with the fact that she was born with achondroplasia and stands 4ft tall.

Also hunting for love tonight is Daniel, who has Asperger’s. He’s keen to be someone’s other half – it’ll help if they like listening to grunge on vinyl.


Nisar, who has a stammer and struggles to say his own name, feels like the time is finally right to face his fear of talking to girls and find love. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Fatima from east London is yet to meet her match. Born with a form of dwarfism, Fatima dreams of meeting a man who will be proud to be seen with her.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Ian Carré
Executive Producer Jessica Orr
Series Producer Alice Wheater