Series 6 - Episode 5



A good, meaty series becomes even more chewy as top cop Laure and her raggle-taggle bunch of colleagues (and what a disreputable lot they are) stumble across something deeply unpleasant.

The body of a teenage girl is found on a building site – it’s a golden rule of crime dramas that where there’s a digger, there will be a body – which appears to have links with Laure’s investigation into the murder and dismembering of a police officer.

Despite the remarkable territoriality of French detectives, who according to Spiral are always scrapping between themselves over whose case is whose, Laure’s gang discover something deeply unsavoury, with a strong stench of conspiracy at very high levels.

There’s a dramatic chase at the Gard du Nord when the team home in on a possible witness, and there’s a spot of recreation for Laure and her attack dog Gilou.


A teenage girl is found dead, and Laure is convinced there is a link to the Mercier murder, but proof remains elusive. Meanwhile, Tintin's misbehaving son becomes a cause for concern, and Josephine cracks ahead of a crucial court appearance. French crime drama, starring Caroline Proust.

Cast & Crew

Laure Berthaud Caroline Proust
Judge Francois Roban Philippe Duclos
Lt Gilles `Gilou' Escoffier Thierry Godard
Josephine Karlsson Audrey Fleurot
Lt Frederic `Tintin' Fromentin Fred Bianconi
Beckriche Valentin Merlet
Eric Edelman Louis-Do de Lencquesaing
Director Frederic Jardin
Writer Anne Landois
Writer Gaelle Bellan
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