Hard Sun

Series 1 - Episode 2



If you need your wintry Saturday nights cheering up, for heaven’s sake don’t turn to Hard Sun. It’s impressively and relentlessly grim.

Apart from the premise that two damaged detectives have stumbled on a secret Government file about impending apocalypse – hardly a pick-me-up in itself – there are downbeat story arcs about mistrust, mental illness and betrayal. And all that is trumped tonight by a case-of-the-week where a couple who run a PR firm are killed in their house by a bearded man with a hammer.

The case features a fine cameo by Christine Bottomley as a mum with an angry ex, the kind of storyline that writer Neil Cross (of Luther fame) knows how to give a real saw-toothed edge. The result is properly nasty melodrama – meat cleavers, shotguns, the lot – but gripping, too.


Renko persuades hungry young journalist Will Benedetti to stir up trouble by posting a story about the `Hard Sun' conspiracy, and immediately finds herself in the crosshairs of Security Services agent Grace Morrigan. As the truth is made public, a surgical strike from the government manages to diffuse the situation, transforming what should be a panic-inducing revelation into a laughable hoax. However, the dossier remains unaccounted for, meaning Grace's search is not over. Meanwhile, Hicks races to catch a murderer obsessed with the impending end-of-days, and over at the facility, Daniel receives an unexpected visitor. Sci-fi thriller, starring Agyness Deyn, Jim Sturgess and Nikki Amuka-Bird.

Cast & Crew

DCI Charlie Hicks Jim Sturgess
DI Elaine Renko Agyness Deyn
Grace Morrigan Nikki Amuka-Bird
DS Keith Greener Owain Arthur
Mari Butler Aisling Bea
Maggie Sweeting Christine Bottomley
Simone Hicks Lorraine Burroughs
Daniel Renko Jojo Macari
DS George Mooney Adrian Rawlins
DCS Roland Bell Derek Riddell
Will Benedetti Ukweli Roach
DS Mishal Ali Varada Sethu
DS Herbie Sarafian Joplin Sibtain
Chris Chapel Jamie Sives
Technical operative Tigger Blaize
Angie Jones Kae Alexander
Himself Stephen Sackur
Psychiatric nurse Rebecca Deren
Dominic Vaughan Steve Pound
Sabina Kesinovic Heidi Monsen
Owen Butler Cameron King
Jessica Sweeting Liberty Gill
Adam Sweeting Tommy Finnegan
Frankie Buckley Sarah Baxendale
June Sweeting Pauline Whitaker
Noel Buckley David Seddon
Director Brian Kirk
Executive Producer Neil Cross
Executive Producer Kate Harwood
Producer Hugh Warren
Writer Neil Cross
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