How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying

Series 9 - Episode 5 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying



Karen meets her best frenemy Beverley Leslie, who has a profound secret to tell. Grace has an interview with brash new-money hotel mogul Eli Wolff, who on meeting Will and learning he is available, pressures her to set him up on a date in order to secure the job as interior designer for his hotel chain. Meanwhile, Jack becomes a `thousand-aire' thanks to a scratch card.

Cast & Crew

Will Truman Eric McCormack
Grace Adler Debra Messing
Karen Walker Megan Mullally
Jack McFarland Sean Hayes
Tony Anthony Ramos
Theodore Derek Gaines
Beverley Leslie Leslie Jordan
Eli Wolff Max Greenfield
Tasha Jordan Julian
Benji Justin Shaw
Director James Burrows
Executive Producer Max Mutchnick
Executive Producer David Kohan
Executive Producer Tracy Poust
Executive Producer Jon Kinnally
Executive Producer Alex Herschlag
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