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Room 101

Series 7 - Episode 3



Ex-Doctor Who luminaries seem to be haunting the hallways of Room 101 this series, with former companion Pearl Mackie appearing a couple of weeks ago and now series writer Steven Moffat popping up in this episode to offer his personal bugbears – being Scottish and horrible sandy beaches – alongside fellow guests Jimmy Carr and Rochelle Humes.

The explanation for all the Who representation probably lies in host Frank Skinner’s lifelong love for the BBC sci-fi series (he also starred in an episode in 2014), and presumably means we can expect a great guest spot from K-9 the robot dog in a few weeks. Or maybe a Dalek.


Frank Skinner invites comedian Jimmy Carr, writer Steven Moffat and singer Rochelle Humes to express their anger over individuals, events and objects that upset them, hoping to curry the host's favour and see them consigned to oblivion. Their gripes include sandy beaches, other people's opinions and being Scottish.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Contributor Jimmy Carr
Contributor Steven Moffat
Contributor Rochelle Humes
Director Ian Lorimer
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Executive Producer Richard Wilson
Executive Producer Ruby Kuraishe
Executive Producer Jimmy Mulville
Producer Emily Pickthall
Series Producer Jordan Read
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