Animals with Cameras

Animals with Cameras

Series 1 - Episode 1



If you've ever tried to put a collar on a suspicious pet dog or cat, you can imagine how hard it is to fit a miniature camera around the neck of a skittish meerkat or curious chimp. But that's what Gordon Buchanan and team are doing in this series (with various animals, not just meerkats and chimps) in order to film the world from their point of view.

The results are remarkable. In the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa we're taken right down into the meerkats' underground chamber, where we see just-born pups scrambling around. In Argentina the on-board cameras attached to adult penguins on their fishing trips reveal why so few of their chicks have been surviving in recent years.

Even more fascinating is climbing at dizzying speed into Cameroonian treetops along with energetic orphan chimp Kimbang - although, hilariously, to start with we only get selfies, and occasionally she unbuckles the camera to leave it behind. But who knew that chimps wash their hands with water and clean their teeth?


Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan presents this documentary in which he joins with scientists to attach cameras to various animals, hoping to make new discoveries about various species. In the Kalahari Desert, it allows them to finally understand what meerkats get up to underground, revealing their sleeping habits and the behaviour of one-day-old newborns. In Cameroon, an orphan chimp's on-board camera reveals whether it has the climbing skills necessary to join a wild family, and in Argentina, scientists see close-up the tactics used by penguins to catch their prey.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Executive Producer Tim Martin
Producer Anne Sommerfield
Series Producer Dan Rees