Still Open All Hours

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Still Open All Hours

Series 4 - Episode 2



Granville has decided to update the corner shop, not by stocking vegetarian food as Leroy suggests, but by offering lifestyle guidance to his customers. He starts with Gastric, who wants to lose weight, but there’s also Mr Newbold who wants to be rid of Mrs Featherstone’s amorous advances once and for all.

It’s a mishmash of gags and misunderstandings that go nowhere fast, yet viewers still love this sitcom’s old-fashioned humour. Although Granville is trying to modernise that, too: he’s got a nice line in men’s underpants that connect to the internet. “You’ll be in a permanent hot spot,” he promises all the local menfolk. They, of course, fall for it.


Granville has a new idea for growing the business and branches out into offering fitness classes, while Leroy is keen to take out a librarian, but she's refusing to give him a date. Mr Newbold believes he has hit on the perfect way to repel the attentions Mrs Featherstone - all he needs is a completely new image.

Cast & Crew

Granville David Jason
Mrs Featherstone Stephanie Cole
Old Bentinck Alan David
Madge Brigit Forsyth
Cyril Kulvinder Ghir
Kath Sally Lindsay
Mavis Maggie Ollerenshaw
Beth Katie Redford
Mrs Willis Val Tagger
Eric Johnny Vegas
Mr Newbold Geoffrey Whitehead
Leroy James Baxter
Gastric Tim Healy
Mrs Rowan Judith Jacob
Merle Sian Reeves
Director Dewi Humphreys
Executive Producer David Jason
Producer Sarah Hitchcock
Writer Roy Clarke
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