11 Years Later

Series 9 - Episode 1 11 Years Later

Fri 3 Aug 8pm - 8:30pm Comedy Central


Yes, THE Will and Grace. They’re back for a ninth season after 11 years away. Their American network clearly believes a waspish sitcom about gay New Yorkers is just what Trump’s America calls for.

So we’re reunited with the zingy comedy quartet of lawyer Will, his daffy friend Grace, camp dilettante Jack, and sozzled socialite Karen. And since it’s now Trump’s America, the show tackles that head-on: Karen gets Grace a gig redecorating the Oval Office and, stifling her principles, Grace takes it.

The plot barely sparks into life but this show’s strength was always in its cute dialogue, and there are flashes of that. In the West Wing a (gay) secret service man admits, “My job’s got a lot easier. The nut jobs we protected the last president from are this guy’s biggest supporters.”


The US sitcom about a man and woman sharing a flat - and a platonic relationship - returns after an 11-year break. Politics come between Will and Grace when he crushes on a Republican senator and she gets a new interior design contract - for the White House itself. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing star.

Cast & Crew

Will Truman Eric McCormack
Grace Adler Debra Messing
Karen Walker Megan Mullally
Jack McFarland Sean Hayes
Executive Producer Max Mutchnick
Executive Producer David Kohan
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