Origins and Openings

Series 15 - Episode 10 Origins and Openings



After the Christmas special, this is another appropriately themed QI to open the new year – an episode all about Origins and, well, Openings. It’s almost as if they planned it.

And it’s a real belter of an episode, beginning with a hilarious riff about The Sound of Music from regular panellist Alan Davies and keeping the same infectious sense of energy throughout.

Joining Sandi Toksvig and Alan in the regular quest for knowledge and laughs (and trying to avoid the deadly General Ignorance buzzer) are Rich Hall, Josh Widdecombe and erstwhile Strictly Come Dancing contestant Susan Calman, back in her comedy comfort zone after her long weeks in the ballroom.


Josh Widdicombe, Susan Calman and Rich Hall join regular panellist Alan Davies and host Sandi Toksvig for an unconventional look at the theme `Origins and Openings'. During the course of the show, the panellists find out an assortment of facts, including what Mr First thought of Mr Second. As ever, correctness and even intelligence go out of the window, as the fiendishly difficult questions lead to points being awarded for the answers its questionmaster finds most interesting, as opposed to correct.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sandi Toksvig
Panellist Alan Davies
Panellist Josh Widdicombe
Panellist Susan Calman
Panellist Rich Hall
Director Ian Lorimer
Producer Piers Fletcher
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