Rome Unpacked

Series 1 - Episode 1



“We’re going to plunge our forks into the culture that has shaped the city!” announce Giorgio Locatelli and Andrew Graham-Dixon with gusto. “Rome is as unique for an art historian as it is for a cook,” they add and certainly the two friends admire a head of romanesco broccoli with just as much passion as they do the art and architecture.

It’s an engrossing but intense tour of the capital city punctuated by some daring Vespa-riding through the packed streets and a mildly hysterical conversation about Rome’s highly paid traffic wardens (although, as Andrew notes, everybody still parks wherever they want). They’re wonderfully instructive whether they’re visiting palaces, studying Caravaggio paintings, shopping in the local markets or eating in restaurants.

In fact, they’d be the perfect travelling companions, feeding both our mind and our body.


Chef Giorgio Locatelli and art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon explore Italy's capital in search of the generations of ordinary Romans who have left their mark on the city's culture and gastronomy. In the first of two programmes, Giorgio leads Andrew to some of his personal favourite districts including Garbatella, Italy's first `garden suburb', which boasts vibrant market stalls and village architecture, where he introduces him to the simplest Roman food. In turn, Andrew introduces Giorgio to some of the most moving pictures by Caravaggio, in what was once the city's foremost church for poor pilgrims.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon
Presenter Giorgio Locatelli
Executive Producer Jeremy Dear
Series Producer Silvia Sacco
Documentary History Lifestyle