The Tunnel: Vengeance

The Tunnel: Vengeance

Series 3



It’s impossible to reconcile the butchery carried out by the pair in that danse macabre with how their family and acquaintances perceive them. And, while a few more pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, there are still gaping holes all over the place.

At least Karl succeeds in tracking down Lana, although he leaves a paper trail he may regret. Meanwhile, Elise continues to dig into the Moreau case, despite her promise to her bosses. Now she hopes that a reconstruction of the day Charlie was abducted may throw up some clues. It does but it also leads to a surprising confrontation between her and Karl.


As a young mother-to-be helps with their enquiries, a new development threatens to tear Karl and Elise's partnership apart. In English and French.