20 Kids and Counting

20 Kids and Counting

Series 1



The documentary previously known as 19 Kids and Counting (and before that 18 Kids and Counting) returns to find the Radford family expecting yet another child. Sue’s pregnancy is a high-risk one, due to her age (42) and having had a baby who was stillborn three years ago.

Before the big day, though, there’s another problem to fix: predictably, the elder children are complaining that it’s hard to find the space and privacy they crave. While contemplating a move to an even bigger house, Sue and Noel – never ones to take the easy route as parents – also plan a surprise trip to Florida.


Documentary following Britain's biggest family, the Radfords, as Sue and Noel prepare for the arrival of baby number 20. However, since having a stillborn baby boy three years ago, Sue's health is increasingly at risk through pregnancy and birth, and at the age of 42, doctors want to keep her under close supervision. Meanwhile, in a bid to bring the whole family together for quality bonding time, Sue and Noel plan a surprise trip to Florida, a well-needed break for all from the relentless noise and chaos in their busy household.

Cast & Crew

Director Liz Friend
Executive Producer Lisa Edwards
Executive Producer Katharine Patrick
Producer Liz Friend