Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Series 7 - Episode 1



A new year means a new you. It’s finally time to get trimmer, healthier and more active. Well, as soon as the last box chocolate tub has been polished off. And that festive hamper of cheese eaten. And the last of the Buck’s Fizz downed. Then, and definitely then, will you new you begin.

In a bid to help with the January overhaul, Michael Mosley and his team of health helpers investigate why fizzy drinks make you eat more and what - if anything - caffeine does to boost your physical performance. There are also items on what men can do about baldness and how diabetics’ lives could be transformed by the invention of an artificial pancreas.


In this programme, Michael Mosley finds out why fizzy drinks make people eat more, and Dr Zoe Williams investigates whether caffeine boosts your physical performance. Surgeon Gabriel Weston looks into the new artificial pancreas that could transform life for diabetics.
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