Harry Hill's Tea-Time

Trevor McDonald

Series 2 - Episode 1 Trevor McDonald



Perhaps the silliest television show ever conceived, a riot of the most delicious puerility imaginable, makes a welcome return with newscasting legend Sir Trevor McDonald as tonight’s guest. He responds gamely and with great dignity to the constant mockery thrown his way in the hare-brained cookery-themed caper, his face a peach of constant bemusement throughout as Harry behaves like a naughty, rude little boy. Anyone living beyond these shores would be similarly befuddled by the steady stream of in-jokes and mickey taking. But for anyone who’s grown up with British TV and delights in deep immaturity, it’s a feast of fun.


The return of the show in which Harry Hill casts his comedic eye over the world of cookery, with broadcaster Trevor McDonald joining him on the first edition.
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