World's Strongest Man 2017

Grand Final

Series 1 - Episode 11 Grand Final



To the punishingly sunny arena in Gaborone, Botswana, for the climax of the annual quest to find humanity’s most powerful chap. Since 2009, nobody’s won it except Colorado colossus Brian Shaw and four-time champion Zydrunas Savickas, but – as you’ll know if you’ve followed the qualifying rounds – the spherical Lithuanian is struggling to recover from a nasty detached deltoid, so that might open the door for other blokes to challenge.

Intimidating Game of Thrones enormity Hafthor Julius Bjornsson will be jolly cross if he doesn’t take the crown, having finished second in three of the last four finals, but the strength game’s most rapidly improving contender is a Brit: it’s the man in his prime from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Eddie Hall.


Action from the Grand Final in Botswana, which featured the 10 best athletes from the heats battling it out in events such as the Tyre Flip, Squat Lift, Viking Press and Dead Lift, before the iconic Atlas Stones rounded off proceedings and the winner of the competition was crowned. Presented by James Richardson, Sarah-Jane Crawford and Magnus Ver Magnusson, with commentary by Colin Bryce and Danny Wallace.

Cast & Crew

Presenter James Richardson
Presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford
Presenter Magnus Ver Magnusson
Commentator Colin Bryce
Commentator Danny Wallace
Director Colin Bryce
Executive Producer John Hollywood
Producer Colin Bryce
Series Producer James Rowat
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