The Two Ronnies: In Their Own Words

The Two Ronnies: In Their Own Words
Saturday 10:05pm - 12:05am 5SELECT


In what one can only hope is “a packed programme tonight”, the sketchmeisters of yesteryear reveal in archive interviews what gave them 70s TV audiences of up to 17 million.

The duo’s shows were characterised by Corbett’s tangential anecdotes about his “pro-juicer” and Barker’s precision-missile monologues, plus of course the pair’s fizzing, quickfire chemistry together.

One would also hope for input from writers John Cleese, Barry Cryer and David Renwick, maybe “Ladies and gentlemen, Barbara Dickson”, plus a gag or two about Googie Withers (and what to do if it does).

Oh, and in a late item of news, the Rons then feature in Britain’s Greatest Ever Double Acts, first shown in 2014. No prizes for guessing who won that.


A celebration of the lives and careers of much-loved comedy duo Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, featuring performances, chat show appearances and rare and long-forgotten archive material. The programme also includes contributions from family, friends and colleagues as the stories behind these two legends of British entertainment are told in their own words and by those who knew them best.