Blue Planet II: Oceans of Wonder

Blue Planet II: Oceans of Wonder



David Attenborough brings together the nation’s television viewers like no other presenter (though “presenter” seems such an inadequate description). With him at the helm the viewing figures for this mighty, beautiful series rivalled those of shiny-floored behemoth Strictly Come Dancing.

So if you’re feeling a little fragile after new year celebrations, there’s no better way to relax and regroup than to spend time with this compilation of highlights from the series.

Revolutionary new technology takes us deeper than ever to reveal the beauties of our oceans while closer to the surface cameras capture some remarkable behaviour from birds, fish and mammals. This truly is a landmark series.


An extended special featuring highlights from the second series of David Attenborough's documentary, journeying from the intense heat of the tropics to the planet's frozen poles and through to its unexplored depths to reveal new worlds and extraordinary never-seen-before animal behaviours.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Attenborough
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Series Producer Mark Brownlow