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Series 1 - Episode 1



This well-oiled thriller was inspired by Misha Glenny’s non-fiction book of the same name about (very) organised crime across the world. Its hero is Alex (James Norton), a City fund manager who was raised in London, the child of wealthy Russian émigrés. His banker’s world takes a knock when someone starts spreading rumours that his fund has broken sanctions.

It’s the first of many knocks. “Because of where you come from the rumours tend to stick,” a rival warns, but Alex’s uncle Boris suggests an Israeli investor who could prop up his fund. Then, just as it’s all getting a bit businessy, there’s a pulse-jolting eruption of violence and the plot kicks into gear nicely.

We speed from Doha to Tel Aviv to Knightsbridge aboard the private jets and black Mercedes of the super-rich. It doesn’t quite have the sexy sweep of The Night Manager but McMafia pulses with intrigue as rich and dark as the caviar its characters eat by the spoonful.


As the English-raised son of Russian exiles with a mafia history, Alex Godman has been intent on escaping the shadow of that criminal past, building his own legitimate business and forging a life with girlfriend Rebecca. But when his family's past returns to threaten them, he is forced to confront his values to protect those he loves and struggle against the lures of corruption in the modern world and in himself. Thriller inspired by Misha Glenny's bestseller, starring James Norton, Juliet Rylance and David Strathairn.

Cast & Crew

Alex Godman James Norton
Semiyon Kleiman David Strathairn
Rebecca Harper Juliet Rylance
Vadim Kalyagin Merab Ninidze
Dmitri Godman Alexey Serebryakov
Oksana Godman Maria Shukshina
Katya Godman Faye Marsay
Boris Godman David Dencik
Benny Chopra Atul Kale
Joseph Oshri Cohen
Femi Clifford Samuel
Director James Watkins
Executive Producer Hossein Amini
Executive Producer James Watkins
Executive Producer Nick Marston
Executive Producer Dixie Linder
Executive Producer Misha Glenny
Executive Producer Robyn Slovo
Executive Producer Ben Hall
Producer Paul Ritchie
Writer Hossein Amini
Writer James Watkins
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