Antiques Roadshow

Entertainment Special

Episode 6 Entertainment Special



Big valuations are usually the talking point of this series, but not this time as the Roadshow comes from “Britain’s answer to Hollywood” – Elstree – and more specifically the set of EastEnders. All the treasures are related to TV, film and entertainment, so hearing the stories behind them, and how their current owners came by them, is fascinating.

We hear about Diana Dors thumbing a lift and Muffin the Mule’s pre-TV origins; there are items connected to Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and Doctor Who. A few items are a little obscure: “You could pay me a million pounds, it wouldn’t matter,” says the owner of memorabilia relating to 70s wrestler Big Daddy. “I don’t think anyone will do that,” says expert Mark Hill gently. It’s a priceless edition of the Roadshow.


Fiona Bruce presents a special episode from the set of EastEnders celebrating the history of film, theatre, music and television. The team values some iconic bits of memorabilia, including iconic props from Star Wars, The Shining and Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as a script for the very first episode of Doctor Who. Plus, a woman reveals how her collection of Harry Potter books brings back memories of her mother, and Fiona drops into the Queen Vic for a chat with Letitia Dean and June Brown.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Fiona Bruce
Guest Letitia Dean
Guest June Brown
Executive Producer Simon Shaw
Producer Jan Waldron