Liam Gallagher: Live in New York

Liam Gallagher: Live in New York


Liam Gallagher’s lifelong rivalry with his own brother Noel has intensified this year. They’re both established now as solo artists and, although it was Noel who wrote all the songs for Oasis, his younger sibling is starting to come out on top. New album As You Were sold more copies in its first week of release in October than Noel Gallagher’s Who Built the Moon? did the following month.

Liam’s the more entertaining interviewee too, and his vintage rock-star persona comes out most strongly in the environment where he’s always made the most sense: live in concert. Expect plenty of Oasis standards, as well as some of Gallagher Jr’s passable solo work, in a show recorded at the McKittrick Hotel in Manhattan.


A concert by the singer at Manhattan's McKittrick Hotel, features Oasis songs Morning Glory, Rock ‘n' Roll Star and Wonderwall as well as tracks from debut solo album As You Were.

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Performer Liam Gallagher