Snow Bears

Snow Bears


At the end of a brutal Arctic winter, a female polar bear and her two cubs must make a gruelling 400-mile journey to seal-rich waters on the edge of the North Pole.

The little ones are adorable, of course, as they flump down icy hillsides having lost their footing, or cling to slippery slopes in the wake of their mother.

But there is danger from a male polar bear who takes a fancy to their mother. His exhausting, rough wooing can go on for weeks and he keeps turning up as the trio make their journey.

Kate Winslet narrates in a cutesy, chucklesome way (“The mother wonders where it all went wrong while the cubs reflect on what they have done”), while the music that so many viewers complain about on natural history programmes signals every emotion and mood change.


Documentary following polar bears as they travel 400 miles to reach the North Pole. As spring sets in, bears and their cubs must travel north to reach the pack ice, where they will hunt seals. Their journey leads to encounters with all manner of other Arctic wildlife, including reindeer, narwhals, walrus and arctic foxes. Narrated by Kate Winslet.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Kate Winslet
Director Philip Dalton
Executive Producer John Downer
Executive Producer Lucinda Axelsson
Producer Philip Dalton