The Devil You Know

Series 6 - Episode 6 The Devil You Know



It’s rare to feel sympathy for Inspector Mallory, but you do here, as the zealous copper must apply for his own job. To help grease the wheels he immerses himself in the local community by attending the Kembleford bowls match.

It’s an easy option, he reckons, because “nothing ever happens”. Except within minutes the brother of one of the club’s members – a suave chap with links to Scotland Yard and the War Office – is murdered. Even worse for Mallory, a “pompous windbag from HQ” arrives to take over the investigation. Father Brown (Mark Williams) isn’t keen on the gruff new man either. But is it better the devil you know?


Mallory is forced to turn to the sleuthing priest for help when a senior member of the police force is murdered at a bowls match. Fifties-set crime drama, starring Mark Williams.

Cast & Crew

Father Brown Mark Williams
Insp Mallory Jack Deam
Mrs McCarthy Sorcha Cusack
Bunty Emer Kenny
Sgt Goodfellow John Burton
Christina Worcester Eva Magyar
Eric Worcester Adam Kotz
Alec Frobisher Sam Callis
Shirley Krieger Jacqueline Defferary
Roger Frobisher Chris Larkin
Insp George Ironside Clive Wood
Director Niall Fraser
Executive Producer Will Trotter
Producer Caroline Slater
Writer Jude Tindall
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