Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Michael McIntyre's Big Show

Series 3 - Episode 5



I’ve seen quite a few of the high-adrenalin ambushes this show pulls off in its Unexpected Star segment. This episode's is up there with the best, and must be the most elaborate set-up they’ve attempted.

Ciara, an A&E doctor from Belfast, thinks she is coming to London for a romantic getaway with her boyfriend. But the Grand Hotel he whisks her to is actually the foyer of the Theatre Royal where the show is recorded, dressed to look like a hotel reception, complete with actors as tourists. When the reveal comes, Ciara’s surprise is total and fabulous to watch. It’s a brilliant TV coup. And boy, can she sing.


The comedian hosts another evening of entertainment, as Irish singer and One Direction graduate Niall Horan performs on stage. Also delighting the masses tonight is Michael's fellow funnyman Jason Manford, and actress, comedienne and accomplished prat-faller Miranda Hart risks offending her family and friends as she hands her phone over in Celebrity Send-to-All. Plus, an A&E doctor is tricked into believing the theatre is actually a grand hotel as the host stages another ambitious Unexpected Star stunt.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Michael McIntyre
Performer Niall Horan
Performer Jason Manford
Guest Miranda Hart
Director Chris Howe
Executive Producer Claire Horton
Executive Producer Dan Baldwin
Series Producer Christian Fletcher
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