Fresh Off the Boat

So Chineez

Series 1 - Episode 13 So Chineez



The Huangs receive an invitation to join the local country club, but Jessica believes they have become 'too American' and need to reconnect with Chinese culture.

Cast & Crew

Louis Huang Randall Park
Jessica Huang Constance Wu
Eddie Huang Hudson Yang
Emery Huang Forrest Wheeler
Evan Huang Ian Chen
Grandma Huang Lucille Soong
Deirdre Rachel Cannon
Nicole Luna Blaise
Principal Hunter David Goldman
Marvin Ray Wise
Honey Chelsea Crisp
Brock Brady Tutton
Walter Prophet Bolden
Dave Evan Hannemann
Doug Connor Rosen
Raul Armando Molina
Director Chris Koch
Executive Producer Nanatchka Khan
Executive Producer Jake Kasdan
Executive Producer Melvin Mar
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